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 is a menswear label inspired by the Atlantic, its people and traditions. Our aim is to work in a straight relationship with some of the best local manufacturers, crossing their knowledge with a single approach to the design and the making of timeless and durable goods.

PAZ means PEACE in Portuguese and, from day one, that’s what’s behind the spirit of our project and the relationship we want to have with our crew, our partners, our customers and, of course, our planet which we hope we can help to keep in good shape for the future generations.

Sustainability is now part of the world agenda, but we feel that it must go far beyond our production and consuming habits, turning into something intrinsic to our way of living. During the last few years we have been doing a lot of research around new organic and recycled materials which are, more and more, part of our collections ADN.

We believe that, together with you, we can play a different role towards the way we buy, distribute and sell products, in order to build a more conscious world, and we can do it through small actions, with simplicity and grace. Let’s hope that this new year can bless us with a lot of PAZ, health and the creativity we need to keep it up with the good vibes.