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Vela Latina

and the wise words of
an experienced fisherman

With Open Eyes

a short film about the making
of our new shop in Porto

Following the tradition of his ancestors of Nazaré, Guilherme Piló Sales went to the cod fishing in 1960. He was seventeen years old. Seven campaigns followed as a line fisherman in small dory boats, in the stormy waters of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. and Greenland, in the so-called Faina Maior, one of the most forgotten and notable episodes in Portuguese maritime history.

When we decided to open a new shop in Porto, we thought about getting his expertise with the making of his own ship sails and use it in order to develop some of the space decorative elements and so, together with the help of our partners from the Gorvell architecture studio but always under Mr Piló’s supervision, we developed some of the objects that turned this project so unique. His stories are almost infinite and may be read in his beautiful book called “Homens sem Coração”, which literally means “Men without heart”.

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