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In 2018 we have been invited together with other European brands to participate in a press showcase in Tokyo for which each brand was supposed to develop a special piece for this gathering. Inspired by the vintage pieces that used to be made in order to promote this kind of events back in the days, we decided to do a very simple sweatshirt, with our logo on the front and a LA PAZ TOKYO 2018 print on the back, which became an instant success and eventually ended up being a best seller. Right after that we started to develop the same idea for some other cities around the world in which we had businesses and friends, resulting in this “City Series” collection. Now you can go and travel with us through all this destinations.

Besides its hypoallergenic qualities this eco-friendly fabric also offers a long lasting comfort on warmer days due to its naturally absorbing characteristics.

Light-weight Cotton
Regular Fit
True to Size

All of our garments are pre-washed, so shrinking levels are stabilized.

100% cotton



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